Who are we?

Ryan Kowalczyk, Mike Edmondson and Tim Carter. Ryan is a dentist. Mike is a fish biologist. Tim is a phD chemist. We brew with passion and creativity. We are disciplined, rigorous, and detail oriented.

When do we plan to open?

Our hard work and efforts are starting to pay off. Opening is narrowing down to Summer 2017.  Oh yes, this is happening! Thank you for being patient. We will not disappoint. 

Keep tuned in here and to: https://www.facebook.com/clairvoyantbrewing/

What beers are we going to offer?

IPAs, Stouts, Porters, California Common, Trappist style beer, Cream ale, Pale ales, Kölsch style beer, Zwickl beers, and Ambers. We will also offer tasters of experimental small batch beer. We will be taking feedback from our patrons what beers you want to see. We love to brew every beer imaginable, and we aim to please our customers. Let us know! 

What does our neighborhood mean to us?

The West End offers opportunity and a central location.  We will be serving our local neighborhood, Whitewater Park,  Green Belt users, and folks out for a healthy walk or ride in the West End.  It is meaningful to be in an area that is up and coming.  We hope to add some more character to the area's uniqueness and sense of place.  Beer lovers going between the concentration of breweries in downtown Boise and in Garden City can stop in as we are right there between the two!