HEAD BREWER: Sean Pletcher


I was born in Pocatello but moved to Meridian in ‘88 so I’m an Idaho boy through and through. I’m an avid fisherman and love hunting as well, so any chance I have you’ll find me hiking or camping somewhere in the back country. If for some reason I’m stuck in town, you’ll probably find me watching the 49ers (football) or the Flyers (hockey) as I’m a glutton for punishment and somehow find myself rooting for terrible teams!

My family is from the area, and so is my wife and her family. I met my wife at our first job, Boondocks Fun Center, as teenagers and we dated for several years before we were married in 2008.

I’ve been brewing in one form or another for around 17 years. My first brews were the typical 5 gallon home brew batches. I never made the same batch twice and swore that I didn’t want to take it too seriously as it might become less of a hobby and more like work! What started as a hobby has grown into a passion as well as my full time job. I started in the industry as a server in the taproom at Slanted Rock Brewing Company in 2013 to make some extra money in between throwing freight at Cabela’s. I started helping with cleaning kegs and fermenters, and before too long I was a full time employee and had the opportunity to brew on a large 15 bbl. system. Now here I am 5 years later at Clairvoyant Brewing continuing my passion. I love being a part of the industry. It’s always a cool feeling to see people enjoying something you had a hand in making! I enjoy talking with others about the craft and enjoy the fact that there is still so much to learn and experiment with in this industry.